The Triplets Mulla Nasrudin Folktales

The Triplets Mulla Nasrudin Folktales
Nasrudin’s wife was pregnant and due to give birth any day.
One night, as they both slept, she turned to him and said, “Husband, the baby is coming.”
And on her saying so, Nasrudin lit a candle and watched his newborn baby come out.
But minutes later, he watched as yet another baby come out. And just minutes after that, he watched his wife give birth to a third child.
Finally, after seeing three babies ___ , Nasrudin blew out the candle.
“Why did you do that?” asked his wife.
“Well,” said Nasrudin, “while the light was on, one child was born, and then another, and then another. If I had kept it on, who knows how many more there would be!“

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