“Stand On One Leg” Mulla Nasrudin Folktales

“Stand On One Leg” Mulla Nasrudin Folktales
A group of robbers broke into Nasrudin’s house one night and demanded Nasrudin’s money.
“Sirs—” Nasrudin said “—if I could, I would gladly give you a million dollars; but unfortunately I am rather low on funds right now, and only have this twenty dollar bill in my pocket.”
And with saying so, Nasrudin took out the bill and handed it to the robbers.
They, however, were greatly angered, and decided to spend the night at Nasrudin’s house and punish him. “Stand on one foot for the rest of the night!” they demanded.
Nasrudin did as he was told, and the robbers went to sleep while one stayed on guard. After an hour, the guard said to Nasrudin, “Listen, I’ll let you switch to the other leg.”
“Oh, thank you,” Nasrudin replied. “You’re a much better person than the rest of your group. My money is actually in my shoes in the closet. You can go take it—but don’t give any to them.”

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