Sack of Vegetables, Mulla Nasrudin Folktales

Sack of Vegetables, Mulla Nasrudin Folktales
Nasrudin snuck into someone’s garden and began putting vegetable in his sack. The owner saw him and shouted, “What are you doing in my garden?”
“The wind blew me here,” Nasrudin confidently responded.
“That sounds like bull to me,” was the reply, “but let’s assume that the wind did blow you here. Now then, how can you explain how those vegetables were pulled out from my garden?”
“Oh, that’s simple,” Nasrudin explained. “I had to grab them to stop myself from being thrown any further by the wind.”
“Well,” the man continued, “then tell me this—how did the vegetables get in your sack?”
“You know what,” Nasrudin said, “I was just standing here and wondering that same thing myself!“

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I Only Think of Others, Mulla Nasrudin Folktales

I Only Think of Others, Mulla Nasrudin Folktales
Monk: “I have achieved an incredible level of disattachment from myself—so much so that I only think of others, and never of myself.”
Nasrudin: “Well, I have reached a more advanced state than that.”
Monk: “How so?”
Nasrudin: “I am so objective that I can actually look at another person as if he were me, and by doing so, I can think of myself!“

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Woman Demands Justice – Mulla Nasrudin Folktales

Woman Demands Justice, Mulla Nasrudin Folktales
A woman and man came into Judge Nasrudin’s room one day.
The woman complained, “I was just walking on the street the other day, when this man, whom I never met before, came up to me and kissed me! I demand justice!“
“I agree that you deserve justice,” Nasrudin said. “Therefore, I order that you kiss him and take your revenge.”

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Man Demands Justice, Mulla Nasrudin Folktales

Man Demands Justice, Mulla Nasrudin Folktales
One day, a man ran into Judge Nasrudin’s room and said, “I was just robbed at the border of this village! It must have been someone from here, and I demand justice! The robber took everything from me—my shoes, my pants, my shirt, my coat, my necklace, and even my socks…he took everything, I tell you! I demand justice.” Lanjutkan membaca Man Demands Justice, Mulla Nasrudin Folktales