Nasrudin the Expert Negotiator-Mulla Nasrudin Folktales

Nasrudin the Expert Negotiator Mulla Nasrudin Folktales
Cherries were selling very cheaply at the village bazaar.
Since Nasrudin was known for his good negotiating, his friend asked him to purchase some cherries at below the already low market price.
Nasrudin took the money and went to the bazaar. He haggled with the merchant for over fifteen minutes, and was able to buy them at a ridiculously low price.
He then went back to the friend’s house, and was asked how everything had gone.
“Great,” Nasrudin replied. “ I really gave the merchant a performance. I flattered him. I pleaded with him. I gave him all kinds of reasoning based on supply and demand, and the comparative value of goods. I appealed to his emotions. I really did a masterful job. And believe it or not, I convinced him to sell me thirty pounds of cherries for the money you gave me.”
“Wow,” the friend replied, “that’s amazing.”
“I know,” Nasrudin said, “and I did it just like you asked me. Now then, would you agree that I am also entitled to some reward for my work?”
“Of course,” the friend replied.
“OK then,” Nasrudin said, “since I did all of the work, I should get to keep all of the cherries.”

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